Key Features

  • Connectivity

    This platform brings the right people to the right idea closer than ever before.

  • Share from anywhere

    Seek support. Broadcast your idea to anyone, anytime, anywhere. No Boundaries. The world is at your fingertips.

  • Manage ideas

    All features in a single platform. Communicate with your audience, manage your ideas. A swift experience guaranteed.

  • Real-time response

    Make connections, make business. Connect with the ideal investors/entrepreneurs to make an ideal business.

How It Works?

Real connections

All users of the app are either Investors or Entrepreneurs that have specific set of functionality to find the optimal solutions based on their preferences.

24/7 Support

iDeaDate team provides support for all user circumstances and are dedicated to improve your experience.


The application does not store any data on the app itself. Instead, the data is stored on a server providing end-to-end encryption.

Entrepreneur's Features

Got an idea on your mind? Make it a reality by sharing and finding the best Investors. Talk with Investors to connect with people that match with your vision. Get advices and find financial support.

Design ideas

Add new ideas to your profile and categorize them to let Investors discover them easily

Manage profile

The app provides a user friendly design to keep track and manage your ideas in a convenient manner

Financial support

Let Investors discover your idea, chat and create funding for your project and bring it to life

Investor's Features

Looking for a good project to invest in? The app provides functionality to easily navigate and discover new and exciting ideas that need financial support. Connect and become a part of a project to build up profits.


Find a project that you are passionate about and build up connections with Entrepreneurs to spark up an idea

Manage your connections

With an easy to use design, iDeaDate allows their users to manage all their chats and connections


Work along with your preferred Entrepreneurs to effectuate a project and generate revenue and profits

Frequently Asked Questions

We constantly strive to provide you with the best service possible. Have a look at inquires the community had issues on.

Our free tier offers you an account with access to all of its functionality and discover the numerous features we have to offer. Install the application and choose the free tier option to try out the application.

The app has been tested on devices with varying processing power and capabilities to ensure that all users of the application will have the same seamless experience.

Users of iDeaDate are required to create an account with the use of an email address. The account will be used to login and maintain user profiles across the platform.

Our application provides necessary security practices and end-to-end encrypted chat services to ensure that the users of the app is entirely upholding the privacy of the users.

iDeaDate maintains the accounts of Investors and Entrepreneurs separately. Users are required to create a different account and login in order to switch their user type.

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